Sunday, October 26, 2008

I'm a bad bad blogger..

I haven't gotten much knitting done either. I ran into a snag with my first Year of Lace kit, and had to rip back and then pick up stitches. I did that finally tonight. At some point in this I had started the fall kit, and started yet another pair of socks. I haven't gotten much past the toes on them though, and I'll give you a hint as to why.


Yup, we went to Disney World.

It was an awesome trip. Lots of sun and Mickey and friends, and a good time had by all. Now I am back and just chilling, getting ready for winter, so the knitting has been slipping out of the woodwork slowly. I don't think I'm doing Christmas knitting this year beyond some crocheted finger puppets since Velociraptor is doing puppet shows with just his fingers.. (is that a hint of some kind??)

And upcoming is the retreat! The Yarn Harlot class is titled Knitting for Speed and Efficiency maybe that's a good thing I chose her class then.. I might get more done! ;)

Not much else happening, just working around as usual.