Friday, May 30, 2008

So it's almost June..

Wow, how time flies.

Things have been busy, so I haven't gotten much done and as always I have too much on the needles. So I need to focus, work on one or two projects and get them done and then focus on the next.

Cardigan for Arwen is not going to happen I think. How long has it been languishing? Besides, I lost about two inches around since I started it (maybe more) and though I like loose clothes I don't want too loose.

I'm working on Green Gable, I had ripped it out and restarted because of adjustment for gauge. When I get to the end of the lacey portion, I'll try it on and see if I need to keep going a little or not before I start the next part.

No pictures right now, maybe later, but I think I shall put in a movie and knit some. If I don't fall asleep that is, it's been a busy week.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Almost time for May long..

and my weekend looks to be insane.

My plans include:

  1. Helping a friend move (she just bought a house with her fiance and they get possession tomorrow!)

  2. Go to the zoo (we have passes, and though it will be a madhouse due to the nice weather and the long weekend the passes mean we can walk past the huge lineup of people who pay and go wander wherever we want. Sadly, the cownose rays are dying and they don't know why. We got to see them when they first arrived, but before anyone could put their hands in the tank. I wonder if someone had something on their hands that harmed them as we were told when it was opened to touching people would be required to wash their hands before they put them in the water. I'd almost bet that people weren't doing so.)

  3. Go to Fort Calgary on Victoria day and check out the party for the 135th anniversary of the NWMP (aka the Mounties)

  4. Visit with Dad, since he will be down on Monday in the afternoon.

Do you see any knitting time in there? I didn't think so. I'll maybe find some time as I'm about ready to turn the heel on my fruit loops and it's my current bus project.

I'll also be taking my camera with me to go to the zoo and various places (as long as I remember..) so maybe I'll have some nice photos to share.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Pancakes with a cranberry mango topping and maple sausage

Made this for myself and my Mom, now we're just going to relax and watch some DVDs, a nice lazy Sunday.

Thursday, May 08, 2008


I had thought spring had arrived.

I bought pansies and marigolds, I overseeded my lawn, I even washed the side of my house down (amazing how siding gets really dirty and all it does is stay there vertically in the weather.. you'd think it would be a little less dirty..).

That was Sunday, today is this..


Which despite having lots of things on the needles makes me want to grab a ball of my Rowan Cashsoft and make it into a pair of fingerless gloves (maybe another pair of Fetching, it's simple and cute as well as cozy). Do you think I can knit up a pair quick enough to be ready for tomorrow?

We can see..

In yarn news, I have been drooling over the look of this stuff ever since I saw someone showing it to someone else at stitch n bitch one night. I should wander over to the store that carries it here and check it out, I've never been there anyway though I know where it is. Maybe once the weather warms up again I will simply because it's a little hike from the nearest train station.