Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mmm yarn

That was great. I made it to the store (and I was first in line, don't listen to the people who showed up and then left again for breakfast ;) ). Chatted with some wonderful people and bought up some really cute yarn.

I even managed to stay ON BUDGET and not go totally crazy. I think the reason I was able to, was because I knew that I have enough for 2 sweaters at home and that is enough. For now. Until they are knitted up.

I did do a silly thing though. I bought a spindle, and some roving.. and I don't know how to spin. And watching the video I found on YouTube and reading the instructions and I'm all nervous. So I may just have to go take that spinning class. :p

But I got some more cute sock yarn, and some worsted weight. Enough for two of those Squatty Sidekick bags on Knitting Daily, in different colours. I think one for me and one for my cousin (for Christmas.. planning ahead, see?).

I also took a bit of a walk around Bridgeland, and since it's so nice I think that when Velociraptor wakes up we may just have to go check out all the noise at the Greek festival. I have a hankering for some spanakopita and ouzo.

Friday, June 22, 2007

More yarn (soon)!

Or there will be, and soon.

Make1's Solstice sale is this weekend and I plan to be down there by shortly after 9 if the buses co-operate. *grins* I'm going on a dive for sock yarn and maaaaaybe some roving.

Just a little.

And a drop spindle.

Just a small one.

But mostly sock yarn. I'm also pondering something to make my aunt for Christmas (I may as well get it now and start soon, knowing what a flibbertigibbet I am).

The Montego Bay scarf is coming along, slowly but surely. I tucked it into the pocket on my chair and forgot to take it all last week on the bus though, so I'd better pull it out and tuck it back in my monster of a purse.

Then tomorrow night I'm finally going to get out. Now I just need to convince my friend that she really does want to go to the grand opening of the new bar in the city (I put our names on the list to get in the door, I know what I want to wear, I WANT TO GO DANCING DAMNIT! It's been too long, the clubs are always crowded and expensive and stuff but it's been a year. I want to work off some energy and dance with a few cute guys before I return to my everyday single mom self. I don't cut loose enough.)

I'll try to get pictures of the Chill Chaser. It's really cute, and Velociraptor loves it, but currently it is WAY too hot to wear jackets of any kind. Summer certainly is here. He was wearing it the other week though, when it was cooler.

And I know I'm a day late, but Happy Solstice everyone.

Friday, June 08, 2007


Yup, that is apparently tomorrow. You never really hear anything about it (at least not where I go). knitting in public is what I do though. I knit whenever, I bring it to keep me busy on the bus and in lines etc.

And since I will be out and about anyway, I shall have my knitting with me. So if tomorrow you come across a tall woman dressed quite casually with a turquoise knit pouch attached to her belt and a bright orange rolling shopping bag dragged behind.. that'll be me.

I'm hitting the Farmer's Market. I haven't been all winter and I want to see what is showing up there currently for fruits (if any). Plus I have a real craving for tzatsiki and pita bread, and the best place I've found is at the market. That and the Greek Festival (in two weeks, so I will be found there on the Sunday since that is the same weekend as Make One's Solstice sale where I plan to be on the Saturday).

Maybe the yarn lady will be at the market? She's not there all the time, but from time to time she shows up with yarn (and roving, and knitted items). One of the stalls also has recycled sari silk yarn, and I get a craving whenever I pass by, but I manage to stop myself because it sheds. Shedding drives me batty. :p Some I can live with, but too much.. ick.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

25 dollars and a short time later..

and the corner where I tossed my bags of yarn/knitting supplies/books/projects on the go is now ten times more organized.

I just picked up a 3 drawer cart at Walmart, sorted my knitting out into it and voila! It looks SO much better than the brown paper bags of yarn and odds and ends and stacks of books I had sitting there.

I also worked on Velociraptor's sweater last night, so I'd better do some work on it tonight and then it ought to be done. My sewing might need some work though, it's really different to sew knitted pieces together than it is to sew cloth. Have to concentrate more to make it look nice and even. But I only have to sew the side together and the hood together and on and then.. done!

That's about all the knitting content I got right now lol.

In other randomness, this video is quite beautiful.

And now I must be off to mow my weeds and make supper.