Friday, February 29, 2008

I wish I had more time..

Time to do all the projects I wanted to do, not to mention the money to buy them.

Stuff like this (found at Lime&Violet's blog).

But I have at least two shawl projects I want to complete and I have signed up for the year of lace, plus I have all the socks and bags and other patterns I want to do and the items already on the needles.. so I'll just sit here and sigh longingly.

PS. The last post wasn't finishing for comments, but thank you. ;) I'm not much of a commenter myself, though I read a fair bit.

Maybe this weekend I'll get some pictures up. Somewhere when I have the time, got plans!

Thursday, February 28, 2008


Blogger isn't bad but one thing that annoys me crazily is that I when I get a comment on a post I can't email back to them, or post a reply easily to a person. I'm spoiled by livejournal I guess. Does Wordpress do something like that? I can install it on my hosting, which I need to do something with anyway since I am paying for it.

It's scary though, blogger is easy peasy. (And I claim to be a geek sometimes *snorts*)

But to answer Raining Sheep's question (and one I am sure all of you who read my blog* have) is what is that yarn from my last post?

That would be the Wasonga sock yarn from Curious Creek in colourway Birches in Norway and bought from the lovely ladies at Make1.

I did start the sock, but I need to finish other socks so I haven't gotten very far. And anyway, I had spinning class last night. I'm enjoying it, and a wheel is tempting but I am sticking to a spindle because a spinning wheel is definitely out of the budget this year, and a spindle is more likely to get used not stuck in a corner and forgotten (like my poor sewing machine most of the year).

No pictures again. I need to work more on my shawl, and finish those socks, but for now I think I'll have a mug of tea and go to bed. Getting back to my usual sleeping pattern after it being whacked by illness is always a treat.

*I can't be the only one who is surprised when she gets comments, right? I'm not very amusing or witty like the people I read and I often feel like I'm shouting into the wind off a mountaintop. So who would read MY blog?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

On my feet..

Amazing what one day, a long sleep and a dose of cold meds will do for you.

I finally feel.. normal. Or not normal, you know how you feel when you're finally well after being sick? How the world is your oyster and you have SO MUCH ENERGY and you are WELL so you can take on the WORLD!?

Then reality sinks in, the laundry and the dishes haven't been done properly for a week (the only plus side is there isn't many because you hadn't cooked much in a week either) and you need to stock up on groceries and shovel out the kleenex.. but for a couple hours this afternoon I was high on LIFE.

Then I am confronted by this:


This was taken with my cell, so the quality sucks but I think I get my point across. Ugh. This is Calgary in the midst of a warm spell during winter (+11 today! I don't think there was a Chinook though, usually I freeze anyway cuz of the wind.. I dunno, I'm not a weather person). It looks like blah. Brown and nothing.. you didn't see the grey everywhere too (from the dirt that had coated the grass after spraying up in the form of slush).

So I did what any knitter would naturally do. I bought this:

Spring Yarn

Green, yellow, joyous green! I was surfing around at work and spotted it on the blog.. so I got curious and looked and just could NOT help myself. So now I have to finish a pair of socks tonight/on the commute/at lunch (for my BFF's birthday tomorrow night!!!) before I will allow myself to cast on a pair of garter toes in glorious spring-like GREEN.

Don't remind me of all the OTHER projects I have on the go, and planned. I think the order of the day is green.

And for those who missed it, a slightly blurry attempt at night photography of a lunar eclipse by moi:

Lunar Eclipse 001

Lunar Eclipse 008

PS. Can you tell I'm just a TAD bit hyper now that I feel better?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Is it over yet?

Winter that is, and the flu.

This week I have been laid low by the flu, or a cold, or something. I'm not sure what really, because I didn't go to the doctor (okay, maybe I should have but if I can't take time off work to be sick, I can't take time off work to go to the doctor and I only just found out there is a walk-in clinic that is open late hours and even *deep breath* on the weekend..).

So my long weekend was spent huddled in bed, doing nothing but sleep, with short trips to the bathroom, the kitchen (for tea, toast, and more cough syrup). I didn't do any knitting whatsoever. In fact, I haven't done any for a bit, and I am sitting at home now when I should be on my way to spinning class because I am just now recovering (it hit me Thursday, really hit me Friday and then proceeded to keep hitting me over the head with a frying pan until today) and do NOT want to pass this around to any of the other ladies if it is still contagious.

So many projects I want to work on, but one cough and I'll lose a stitch on my lace and plain socks don't appeal right now so I'm being quite lazy and just recovering. I haven't even been following the blogosphere that much! My computer was beginning to feel deprived of company..

At least it seems to be warming up today, a little chinook to get the spring feeling buzzing before dropping us back into cold for a bit more.

But for those of you on Ravelry.. anyone else having issues? I can log in fine from Opera and IE but when I try to go to the site from Firefox I get an error message.. weird.

ETA: I just deleted cookies, it works again. No weirder than when the clock was off.. by 6 years. Took a bit to figure out what was wrong because the time was about right. Little Velociraptor got into what he shouldn't.

Friday, February 08, 2008

One last winter taking the bus..

That's what I keep telling myself anyway, if I can manage to get some refresher and pass the test in June (which is when I'll be allowed to even attempt the test..) and even afford to buy an old Honda Accord (which is what my brother tells me is a good car to get second hand, he had one, and he's the car dude).

Okay, I'd have been stuck in traffic for ages even in my own vehicle but I'd at least be able to pick my own route and not stop every block or so. The only blessing is that it is winter and the.. well, the odor of hard working man who hasn't bathed in a week was minimized. I just had to deal with the assault of the remnants of cigarettes and marijuana as well as the liberal splash of some cologne that makes my sinusitis worse and my stomach turn over.

With how bad I've been feeling I didn't even pick up the needles on the bus today, instead I just closed my eyes and listened to my audiobook.

The worst of it is, I didn't go to charity knit night. I went home, had a huge mug of tea and a big bowl of stew that had been simmering for a bit and changed into my big fluffy blue robe and I'm grateful that I don't have to be out in this tonight.

I'll see about making a hat or something though, like I had intended.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

Chinese new year that is. It's time for the year of the Rat. I'm not sure what they are saying it will be like for Dog's (of which I am one) but I hope it's supposed to be good..

In knitting news, I am turning the heel on my second Saturday sock amd I finally finished clue one of Secret of the Stole II. I was working on Mystic Waters but I'll come back to that later since I put it aside. Feels good to be actually moving on things though. I'll get pictures later, I didn't take any yet and it's getting to be bedtime so I shouldn't be scrambling to take pictures. :p

I spotted this over at Lime and Violet blog (like everyone else I suppose) but I am thinking of making them. I just need to pop over to the dollar store and then the craft section of wally-world for some appropriate elastic. They'd come in handy since I knit socks on the bus.

But I am off to sleep..

Hope everyone has a good new year!