Thursday, February 22, 2007

I got mail!


So, I just got my Namaste bag. This thing is GREAT!

It's big. Bigger than I thought it would be (for some reason that always happens).

Inside is split in half lengthwise by a zippered pocket, with another zippered pocket at the back (like most purses) and 3 open top pockets of varying size. Two flapped pockets at the front, then another in the top part you fold over. It's deep and can seriously carry everything. I can fit my knitting and accoutrements ie pattern and notions, mp3 player, gameboy, book, wallet.. everything. I'm thinking of throwing it all in there tomorrow and just carrying my lunch kit and it instead of the whole backpack like I usually do. Just to try it out. Heck, maybe I can fit my lunch kit in there too!

Well worth the $110 I paid when you take into account the exchange rate, quick shipping and customs fee (I probably wouldn't get it cheaper if I went to the LYS that carries it.. I'm not even sure where that one is though, nor how to get to it on the buses).

Scout's Swag was great also. Sent it off right away (and so polite about it.. note to self, email her your thanks).

Working on the Pithy Hat pattern. It's coming along really nicely, so I can't wait to finish it.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Knitting and Faith

Faith Lessons from Knitting.

I'm not much one for faith. Somewhere along the way between childhood and adulthood I lost a lot of that wonder and peace that having faith can give. But sometimes I find it again in the oddest of places.

Knitting is one of them (as is yoga, church, a circle, many places..)

Go, read. There's lessons even in our humble knitting.

It feels like spring!

Not quite yet obviously, but the Chinook has been bumping the temperature up and the wind for once isn't too cold.

So of course I want something to celebrate. What am I making? The Pithy Hat using a skein of Shepherd's Worsted from Lorna's Laces in the beautiful Black Purl colourway.

The Chill Chaser is still coming along nicely, I plan to have that done before spring truly arrives.

And ten of course I shall start on my Sweater for Arwen and maybe after that a little naked man (and some clothes for him) and a strawberry tea cozy.

Lots of things to do, so I think I'm going to take the last bit of free time today to watch Pretender and knit before Velociraptor wakes up from his nap. Oh, and he really loves the Lorna's Laces. He wanted to run off with it and play with it when I brought it home! Was holding it to his cheek and just smiling. He's a great kid. Maybe I should teach him how to knit?

Is 3 too early to learn?

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Tendonitis, knitting, shopping and other random thoughts

Yeah, I hate that stuff. I managed to strain my wrist last September at a Dropkick Murphy's concert while fending off crowd-surfers in the mosh pit (man that was SUCH a blast, I wish I could've gone to Billy Talent and done the same..) and ever since then my wrist likes to act up.

I'm also on the computer most of the day at work, and I'm an internet junkie at home (when I can spare time between life of course) but even the jelly wrist rest for my mouse pad doesn't help a whole lot (don't have one for the keyboard, awkward to put one on my set-up and how I type).

So as I knit tonight I can feel my wrist hurting just a little, the precursor to possibly more hurting and icing and taking motrin while sticking it in a brace to immobilize it. And no knitting.

You really don't realize how much you use your wrist in everyday actions until you stick it in a brace. Knitting becomes a very awkward thing when you have to keep your wrist straight. Try doing it if you don't believe me.

But, it seems to be fine again for the moment and I've finished the front panels of Chill Chaser (sorry, no pics.. I really will get around to taking them, some day) and have got a few inches on the first sleeve. When I work on it, it really goes fast. I'm just such a flibbertigibbet that I don't work on it much (since I also have those socks that I'm still working on, and I really ought to finish the Ravenclaw scarf in time for the last Harry Potter book). I'll find time. Somewhere.

My son is really excited about the sweater though, when I pull it out to knit he wants to sit next to me and hold the ball of yarn. Which is really cute, but doesn't work so well when he holds it tight enough that I can't pull more yarn out to keep knitting. It seems to be turning out good so far though *knocks on wood* and soon as I do the rest of the knitting I'll be doing the blocking and finishing.

I've never had to seam a knitted item in my life. Thankfully, I've got books to help me.

In other news, I did a crazy thing. I saw the Namaste bag on Subway Knitter and I bought it (in chocolate, not there, elsewhere, as I heard some not good things about their shipping of bagsand found better reviews at Scout's Swag). I must've been feverish. I really do not need another bag (knitting or otherwise). I don't know what has happened to me, but me.. the tomboy, the hater of shopping, has started a collection of bags and purses.

Now I must admit, I haven't taken it too far. All the purses and bags in my posession I do use on a regular basis. Purses get rotated as the mood and occasion strikes, bigger bags and totes get used to store knitting and books, or other things (for example I have the huge ugly straw looking bag that hangs on a hook on the back of my door to hold all my bandannas and belts and the like) but if I keep going like this I will be buying tiny useless bags that I will not use.

Someone needs to stop me!

Or distract me with yarn.

But now, now is the time to go rest my wrist, drink a lot of water and pack away my knitting. The bus has been emptier lately on the way to work, so I can sit and knit! I've also gotten a few more audiobooks (the first three Dresden Files) and grabbed some radio shows (The Shadow, Roy Rogers, Tales of the Texas Rangers, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy) to listen to. In some ways I really will miss my bus time when I finally get my license and a car.