Saturday, March 24, 2007

Me + extra money + yarn = crazy

When I've got extra money (like, say.. my tax return) do not let me loose in the yarn store.

Yeah, I wandered over to Make1 the day I got my tax return since I had also seen on their blog that they had this new yarn from Sublime, an Angora Merino in DK weight that is ohhh so soft. It looked so yummy in their picture that I just had to check it out.

So of course I went over, and ended up spending lots of money since I bought enough for a cardigan, and needles for it (because I buy as I go and I knew I didn't have that size at home yet). You see me and.. uhm the one I talked to at the store (I'm so bad with names, forgive me) figured that it would work beautifully for the Dollar and a Half Cardigan in Spring Interweave. I also bought yarn to make this for my uncle, whose birthday is coming up. Actually the guy who designed it looks a little like him, only younger heh.

And of course I bought a new bag, by a local designer. It was just so cute and spring-like that I didn't want to put it down. So I didn't.

I was shaking when I bought the stuff lol. It was like a yarn fix. That happen to other people? Or maybe it's just because I was spending so much. I was shaking like that when I bought myself a a Jone New York suit (because it was the only one I could find that fit me right at the time.. but worth it).

I really really want to start on one of my sweaters, but I promised to finish my son's before I start on one of mine. That way I'm not distracted and he'll get his sweater before he grows out of it lol.

You figure I could finish most of it this weekend? I only have the top of the second sleeve and the hood to knit (I finished all the decreases last night during Top Chef, we're a season behind up here). I figure finish the sleeve and watch a movie tonight and knit.. then I can block it and do the finishing in the evenings (when not doing homework of course). Hmm need some buttons too.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yes, I got pictures. Gina bugged me, so I did it lol.

I must admit why I probably don't put pictures up is I'm not that confident in my photography skills. Sometimes I manage to get some really nice shots but mostly I think they're not that great. (Remind me to find some from the summer I went hiking in the rocky mountains and scan for you. That was an amazing summer camp, very tough for me but I learned some things about myself. I know I have one already scanned somewhere, but I should find another one or two that I thought were good from that and other, easier, camps.) I do realize that even good photographers don't take great pictures all the time, but I don't like to admit that they can be fallible too. ;)

Buuuut on to the photos.

As per usual, the crimson sheet backdrop. Really, it's the best place I have to take pics that's not covered in paper or toys. I must get better organized. Working on that.. slowly.

The much talked about Chill Chaser.

Front and sleeves:


Obviously it is not blocked yet. I planned to get it all together before I did that, because I don't think I'll have the patience to knit while parts of it block. Once it's blocked I'll want to finish it right away. For those curious, the yarn is Rowan Cashsoft Aran in Kale (main colour) and Burst (obviously the contrast colour, which is also what I plan to do my seater out of). I have a thing for the rowan cashsoft. I love it.

What else? Well, the Pithy Hat for one. Which really, I should just finish it. It's practically done, just needs a couple more rows I figure then finish it up which is the work of a minute. Why haven't I? Because I'm nervous. Wondering how it will look on me, if it will work, or if it will just end up on my 'not a good look for me' pile of hats (hats don't usually look good on me).

The model is my penguin, Sigmund, and yes it is a little blurry.

Love the colours though. This is that Lorna's Laces I was talking about. I could really fall in love with this yarn too, though it takes a harder hit on my pocketbook.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March.. March.. March..

That's March for you.

We've had gorgeous weather, gorgeous enough to wear just my hoodie and go on an afternoon trip to the zoo this past weekend, just like quite a few others! Thankfully we have passes so we bypassed the loooooong lineup.

Then we got a huge dump of snow the next day, requiring bundling up again. That's March here. We go from winter to spring (even summer!) weather in such a short time. Thankfully it's still nice out, not crappy winter weather but the kind of winter weather that you just want to run around and play in.

Today I am home because my son had a doctor's appointment. Nothing major, just a checkup. I figured since I had to take him in I might as well take the day and go do some other things (like get our eyes checked and just hang out before I have class).

Since he's napping I'm at loose ends, so I figured I'd pop on and do an update. Chill Chaser is slowly coming along. I will get pictures, sometime. It's not that hard, just I'm such a flibbertigibbet that it takes me forever. Honestly, if I sat down and did it I'm sure I'd be finished knitting by the weekend and then have only finishing to do. I'd have been finished ages ago if I just sat and did it.

So maybe I'll do that. While he naps I'll pop on Pretender and finish up this sleeve before starting on the hood.