Tuesday, June 27, 2006

There's got to be a trick to it..

so I decided to try and wind that skein of lovely yarn I bought.

It's not working so well. In fact, I'm stuck. I won't post a pic, but suffice it to say it's quite snarled and I'm slowly picking away at the knots and hoping I'll have it untangeled before the summer ends.

So, anyone out there.. any tips on winding a skein into a ball? For next time that is.

I know I'll just have to be patient and work on the yarn to untangle it.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Sick sick sick..

so I'd planned to do some things this weekend. Among them being laze about and work on some projects, instead I've been fighting a fever, an ear & sinus infection and a sinus cold. So I'm right drained and NOTHING is getting done.

But that's not what I came to talk about. I came to mention that I did pick up some of that lovely, gorgeous Seasilk yarn in a scarf sized skein. It's gorgeous stuff, in a beautiful blue/purple colourway (click on colours and then the top section for the subtle series, I have ocean). I've not started the scarf with it yet, but when I've finished something else then I'll start it.

My crochet shawl is coming along nicely though, as is my Hogwart's scarf, when I manage to turn my hand to them.

Now if I could only stop coughing and shivering.

Friday, June 09, 2006


What a week, it feels like its gone on forever.

I did make my way to Gina Brown's and nosed around for the 10 minutes I had before it closed, but they never made me feel rushed or like I had to hurry up and leave.

I saw the gorgeous sea silk yarn, and was very tempted to buy the last kit for this shawl there.

I might even just go back again on Tuesday, and if it is still there give in to my lust. Maybe.

I've also started a new project, this one crochet. It's the prayer shawl that was in the Lion Brand newsletter a couple weeks back. It's a LOT easier to crochet on the bus than it is to knit, especially since I'm not quite such a beginner crocheter thanks to Grandma shoving a hook and yarn in my hand to work while watching tv. I just need to learn how to read a pattern is all, considering I had to rip it out three times before I finally got it to work. Now it is moving smoothly though.

I also remember why I like crochet. It's much faster, or so it seems. Knitting is much smaller stitches, in comparison, to get the same length. Of course this means that crochet isn't as 'tight' or warm as knitting.

So now I have crochet for the bus (when I find a seat) and knitting for in front of the tv.

Now if I could only find the time to watch tv.

ETA: I almost forgot, tomorrow is World Wide Knit In Public Day. I'll do my best to get out there, but if it's nice I plan to be mowing my lawn and spending time with the little guy.