Friday, April 08, 2011

Craft slut..

I love crafting.

Raise a child among a family of crafters (men and women!), add in a few crafting friends of the family and a joy for anything crafty done with Girl Guides this means I'm a bit of a craft slut.

I got to try many things over the years, some of which I still have and some of which I wish I did.. and many more that have gone by the wayside, or I wish they had. Some crafts I've tried: tole painting, knitting (duh), crochet, sewing, quilting, spinning, latch hook, cross-stitch, embroidery, plastic canvas, woodworking (I did say the men were crafters!), scrapbooking, beading.. really, I could go on. I've probably done most of the mini sort-of crafts that happen at camps also (my camp hat probably weighs about five lbs when I have everything pinned to it, no lie).

Of course most fell by the wayside for a good reason, like I prefer to do things with less potential for loss of digits and I really have no room for paints and wooden doodads everywhere. I don't want things taking up space so USEFUL crafts are good. Knitting, crochet, spinning (not too much, not enough to knit a pair of mittens yet! But one day..) and sewing..

Sewing. I love sewing, but my machine has been tucked away for too damn long. The last time I took it out, I was working on the dining room table and made a costume the day before halloween for my precocious boy. Never again, I plan ahead now!

I buy the stuff at the store. :p

Actually, I want to sew more. I see lovely quilts and think it would be great to turn out one or two (why would I need more?), maybe a dress or something.. or even a costume for myself for cosplay!

Tomorrow is the unused fabric sale.. so I am sitting here writing a blog post while i try to figure out what I want to buy. Fabric for cosplay? Quilts? Anything else? Do I really need to add to my fabric stash (almost as large as my yarn stash, but older)? Oooo I dunno.. we'll see.

Stay tuned to see if I will first get my craft room fixed up so I can.. you know.. craft in it!