Saturday, November 14, 2009

Holiday knitting

I told myself this year I wouldn't.

The last time I did it, I never got all I wanted done and I still have the yarn floating around, AND I want to try and finish some projects I still have on the needles (mainly Phoenix Rising and Mr Greenjeans) so I can move on to some others like Mystic Waters*, Silver Birches or Elsewhere, the latter which I am thinking of spending my birthday money on to buy the yarn for. Madelinetosh..

But my mind keeps insisting. Budget is tight this year.. you have ALL this yarn, and planned to make stuff anyway. Why not make the remaining tea cozies? (Two.) Make some mittens (three pair). That clears away a few people, and they are small projects you can take with you.

But! I no longer bus it. I have lost all that prime knitting time, not only that but if I do take the bus from where I now live I have about five minutes seated then stand the rest of the way. Not conducive to knitting because if you stumble you might stab yourself or a fellow bus rider.

And! And my knitting is all scattered. I have some pieces here, some things there, a couple tubs of rubbermaid to dig through just to find all the needles and yarn I need for it.

But all I can think is how nice it would be to make some people some gloves or mittens for winter.


*We're going to the ocean next year, wouldn't it be nice to have the Mystic Waters shawl to keep me cozy?