Thursday, January 11, 2007


I haven't been finding much time for knitting since I got back. Keeping up with a busy 3 y/o and working full time doesn't leave me a lot of time for ME and to be honest I don't feel like pulling the needles out on the bus lately. In the mornings it's crowded. So crowded that it's very awkward to knit with needles and elbows and everything.

And then lately by the time I am heading home, despite the bus being less crowded, I really honestly just want to veg and marshall my resources for herding cats.

And of course when I do get a chance to knit I realize.. whoops I was reading/doing the pattern wrong and thus the back panel that I was so proud to have finished? Well I need to tear it back to the start of the decreases and start over again.

Not until after I finish the right front panel though (another reason why I don't knit on the bus.. balancing a pattern, plus purse, backpack and knitting and trying to concentrate on the proper decreases does not mix well). So of course the panel is taking longer. I have a couple videos out from the store though (Mrs Henderson Presents and The Lake House), and the plan is to watch them tomorrow and Saturday, so I'll have knitting time then.

Oh, and what else eats into knitting time? Currently I'm taking a night class so I can finish my college diploma (this one, then one more and I've got it!). Started Wednesday, and I need to pay attention there so knitting in class is out.


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