Sunday, April 22, 2007

Spring has finally sprung! (I think)

Last week was just crazy.

Between the snow/sleet for 3 days making everything mucky, studying like mad for the final exam yesterday and no time to do anything knitterly I'm amazed I survived.

Thankfully it's warmed up now though, no more snow on the ground (except in the odd small patch in very shady areas), the final exam is done (won't get marks back for a few days so I'm all nerves about that) and.. I have lots more time for knitterly things.

Well, more than I did before.

So I'm working diligently at the Chill Chaser. In the 24 hours since I finished my exam, I have finished the button band and the button holes and now all that remains is all the sewing. Thankfully, I don't mind sewing by hand. I even have a stuffed toy that I made that way (it was a kit, in junior high, but I took it home to cut it out and got bored so when the next class came around it just needed to be stuffed and finished).

So it should be done soon, which will make Velociraptor happy. Me happy too, because then I can start on the project for myself. Or, work on it rather. I did start it, but I haven't gotten very far (only a couple of inches along the back) because I want to get the other done first.

And it'll be perfect weather for him to wear it.

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Gina said...

Good for you Arsie! School done and a sweater for the Velociraptor almost there. I love that nick name by the way - so descriptive!