Thursday, October 04, 2007


I think I'm starting to hate them. I've knit two mittens, in an attempt to make the mouse mittens for Velociraptor but I keep running into problems.

You see, when I followed the pattern exact, needles and all, I ended up with a mitten for a baby. Not the 3-5 year old that the pattern said (or maybe my almost 4 year old has huge hands.. both I think). Obviously my gauge was way off, so I went up 3 needle sizes and followed exact and I ended up with a mitten that just fit him. As in, it's nice for now but since he's at that age where he just grows suddenly I'd be making a new pair by Christmas.

So I guess I'd better do my math and make another mitten, slightly bigger. I'm also tempted to buy a set of dpn's just cuz I have a bunch floating around but only in certain sizes, A wider range would be nice rather than this constant grab a pair when I need another size. Cheaper on the pocketbook too.

I have mostly finished at least one project also. It's the squatty sidekick purse, which I still need to felt and then find my copy of Interweave Felt to get how to make the button. Not sure where I left it *sighs* Gotta clean up around here. I've never been miss happy homemaker, though when I'm not working I can keep a pretty nice house. The rest of the time it's like a tornado hit.


Anonymous said...

OMG, I have fallen in looove!

What a beautiful purse! "Squatty and sidekick" notwithstanding.
It looks to be made of cotton (but obviously not as you are going to felt it). Maybe I just have cotton on the brain? I have been knitting lots and lots of dishcloths. Lately, nothing but dishcloths!
Which is why I am surfing - to find something else to knit.

I thought I was going to venture into the wild and wonderful world of lace scarves. But if you could sling me the whereabouts of the purse's pattern (or even the pattern itself) ... I would be one *very* happy knitter!

janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca

Anonymous said...

Oooh! I found it!
You said - back in June - where the pattern came from. ("Squatty Sidekick bags on Knitting Daily")
Can't say that I have ever seen it there - but if you say so, I am willing to believe.

Isn't it disgraceful how easily pleased some knitters can be?

Many, many thanks my dear. And I am off to do some searching at Knitting Daily.

Happy knitting,
janeyknitting AT yahoo DOT ca