Monday, October 26, 2009

Once again..

It has been forever. Not a lot of knitting happening, mainly I work at my Phoenix Rising shawl when I get a chance. I only have about 30 odd 46 rows to go, so I really ought to keep working and finish so I can allow myself to work at Silver Birches! I've decided to skip doing one repeat of the edge like some people suggested because I'm not quite sure if I'll have enough yarn as many people were a little short. But it will look lovely when I finally finish and block it out!

Been also crocheting a little, just some basic dish cloths but I prefer the crocheted or knit ones to the store bought, so much sturdier and much more scrubby power.

Lots to life happening, things are just hectic and fun at times but rough at others. But that's life, hey?

Maybe I should work on the knitting and blogging a bit more..

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