Sunday, June 26, 2011

So how much of a flibbertigibbet am I?

Quite a bit of one it seems.

I've barely been online, life is so busy. And to imagine I used to be an internet addict, it's so far from how I am now it's amazing! Not that I don't keep connected and up to date but I don't have time to sit for hours on end online anymore.

And today is just such a rainy day, so I can't get into the garden to do what I need to do (the garden isn't in yet.. it's almost July!! It's like the universe is saying, not this year, between the busy and the rain the stars don't align for me to plant or to even weed.)

Knitting is getting done, slow but sure, on my Silver Birches shawl, but I also have plans for items to be sewn. I want to try and make the quilts from PS I Quilt that she has quilt-a-longs for. I also have plans to make some items in other ways. Plus I've even started a new blog! Daytrippin' Around (the other names I liked were taken already though they seem to be dead.. so annoying when that happens).

And with all those things I want to do.. I am still sitting here updating my blogs lol. Maybe I'm not so much changed as I thought I was. Or at least for now it's a slip into old habits but soon I will be moving and doing my thing. I hope the rain stops so I can get something in my garden and grown!

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