Monday, April 17, 2006


I've decided I've gone completely round the bend. That could be the only reason I'm starting a knitting blog.

This is also perhaps the only thing to explain my sudden obsession with yarn and needles.

Or my rekindling obsession with yarn and needles.

You know how many types of yarn and knitting/yarn projects I had as a girl? I had plastic knitting needles, I crocheted all the time (and damn that pillow with the cover I crocheted should be around here somewhere), I had those round knitting thingies where all you did was loop the yarn over and ended up with long tubes of knitted yarn. I had ones that were Barbie kits to make Barbie clothes (I still remember that tube dress I'd made, pink on top with black on the skirt that had silver tinsel shot through it..).

Yeah, gone round the bend. I've been reading knitting blogs galore, looking at patterns that I couldn't finish anytime soon (especially since I'm, well, such a flibbertigibbet). So right now I'm going to keep it at two projects going, that's plenty for me and as I know myself if I did more I'd just put one or two away in my closet and forget about them for ages.

That's what happened to some (okay, all) of my cross-stitch, but I have good reason for that. Little toddler hands do not go well with needles and lots of threads. Knitting can easily and quickly be tucked aside and if little hands get into it the worst I have to worry about is it being accidentally frogged and annoyance, not tears from being poked.

So here's the start of my insanity.

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