Sunday, July 16, 2006

Farmer's Market..

So I went to the farmer's market today to check it out. It only moved closer to me about, oh, a year or so ago.

And among the fruits, vegetables, varieties of food and craftmanship I found.. yarn!

Wool, alpaca and mohair mixes, hand died by the owner of the stall and either spun or unspun so you can spin them yourself (roving I believe it's called? I have no clue about spinning, I'll just keep my finished yarn and knitting for now. Maybe when I'm more insane I'll try that ;) )

But it was gorgeous, so I think at some time I will be picking up yarn from her.

I did start my scarf with the silk/seacell stuff. It's coming along fairly well now that I have the hang of it. Looks nice too, I can't wait to finish it and wear it. Which might be awhile since I knit maybe a couple times a week when I can find a spare minute. I'm going to have to find a bag to take it with me to work on the bus in. Then maybe I'll get more of it done.

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