Thursday, August 03, 2006

Fancy knitting supplies and fingerless gloves.

Okay, they aren't related. That's just what I'm posting about today.

The fancy knitting supplies I see whenever I go to the store. I always see something I lust after and then regretfully put aside since I know that little toddler fingers will probably get into it and wreck it in some manner.

Like those lovely ebony knitting needles I saw.

But these.. these I really lust after. Some are also ebony, but these ones have carvings! They aren't just knitting needles and crochet hooks, they are works of art. I saw them in my crochet newsletter which I happened to glance through (since I don't always read them before I mark as read, though I have back issues all saved up in my email). I try to take a glance though, and see if anything catches my eye.

This time it was a link to Dodo's Designs of crochet hooks and knitting needles (and other things) that are carved. So pretty and tempting!

Just like the jeweled/beaded/what-have-you stitch markers, which I know I'd lose. So I just use the plastic red and blue ones, or if I forget them at home a paperclip from my pocket. Yup, that's how flibbertigibbety I am. I use paperclips as stitch markers. Thankfully I haven't tried anything too complex yet.

As for fingerless gloves, I have one. The other is on the needles. Yup, using the Fetching pattern from Knitty. I love these! Such an easy pattern and though they don't look like much off your hand, they look feminine and cute on the hand.

Definitely going to make another pair for myself using some different yarn as I don't quite like how the yarn from my stash stripped up. I'm also thinking of a pair for my step-mom. She could use a pair in the winter delivering papers. She usually just wears those thin cheapo gloves, she could wear a pair of these over them and keep her hands extra toasty!

Ravenclaw is stalled. It's too hot to work on it. River Scarf is coming along a couple rows at a time, usually done in a lull or lunch break at work.

Maybe I'll actually have a project done soon. Hey, I got ONE glove finished after all!

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