Wednesday, March 14, 2007

March.. March.. March..

That's March for you.

We've had gorgeous weather, gorgeous enough to wear just my hoodie and go on an afternoon trip to the zoo this past weekend, just like quite a few others! Thankfully we have passes so we bypassed the loooooong lineup.

Then we got a huge dump of snow the next day, requiring bundling up again. That's March here. We go from winter to spring (even summer!) weather in such a short time. Thankfully it's still nice out, not crappy winter weather but the kind of winter weather that you just want to run around and play in.

Today I am home because my son had a doctor's appointment. Nothing major, just a checkup. I figured since I had to take him in I might as well take the day and go do some other things (like get our eyes checked and just hang out before I have class).

Since he's napping I'm at loose ends, so I figured I'd pop on and do an update. Chill Chaser is slowly coming along. I will get pictures, sometime. It's not that hard, just I'm such a flibbertigibbet that it takes me forever. Honestly, if I sat down and did it I'm sure I'd be finished knitting by the weekend and then have only finishing to do. I'd have been finished ages ago if I just sat and did it.

So maybe I'll do that. While he naps I'll pop on Pretender and finish up this sleeve before starting on the hood.

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Gina said...

Hey Arsie,
Please please put up some pics. I want to tell you how beautiful everything is and it just doesn't carry any water unless you have pics up!