Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yes, I got pictures. Gina bugged me, so I did it lol.

I must admit why I probably don't put pictures up is I'm not that confident in my photography skills. Sometimes I manage to get some really nice shots but mostly I think they're not that great. (Remind me to find some from the summer I went hiking in the rocky mountains and scan for you. That was an amazing summer camp, very tough for me but I learned some things about myself. I know I have one already scanned somewhere, but I should find another one or two that I thought were good from that and other, easier, camps.) I do realize that even good photographers don't take great pictures all the time, but I don't like to admit that they can be fallible too. ;)

Buuuut on to the photos.

As per usual, the crimson sheet backdrop. Really, it's the best place I have to take pics that's not covered in paper or toys. I must get better organized. Working on that.. slowly.

The much talked about Chill Chaser.

Front and sleeves:


Obviously it is not blocked yet. I planned to get it all together before I did that, because I don't think I'll have the patience to knit while parts of it block. Once it's blocked I'll want to finish it right away. For those curious, the yarn is Rowan Cashsoft Aran in Kale (main colour) and Burst (obviously the contrast colour, which is also what I plan to do my seater out of). I have a thing for the rowan cashsoft. I love it.

What else? Well, the Pithy Hat for one. Which really, I should just finish it. It's practically done, just needs a couple more rows I figure then finish it up which is the work of a minute. Why haven't I? Because I'm nervous. Wondering how it will look on me, if it will work, or if it will just end up on my 'not a good look for me' pile of hats (hats don't usually look good on me).

The model is my penguin, Sigmund, and yes it is a little blurry.

Love the colours though. This is that Lorna's Laces I was talking about. I could really fall in love with this yarn too, though it takes a harder hit on my pocketbook.

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