Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Nothing to see here, move along..

Nope, still no knitting happening. Well, maybe tonight. I think I'll pull out the sock and work on the heel while watching Hell's Kitchen taped from last night and Top Chef from a bit ago.

I should do some knitting, especially since a look at the Make1 blog shows new yarn and gives me urges to go and buy Buy BUY!

Except I have plenty of yarn, several projects on the needles and even a spindle with some roving while I attempt to teach myself to spin. I have a decent stash, I can't buy more until I finish a few projects (and have a little more money, that's not earmarked for things like a car next year when I get my license.. yes I'm an adult, I just never felt the pressing need for a car and license until recently).

No yarn, no nothing.. I'll have to figure a way to get in and out of Make1 without buying anything since I need to put more money down on the retreat. I haven't had a decent vacation in ages. No relatives, nothing, just me.. relaxing.. Actually, I've never had that. I've been on retreats before as a teen though, and summer camp would be the closest to away without family. I can't wait, but I keep reminded myself to enjoy the summer and November will arrive soon enough. (I even booked that Friday off see how excited I am?)

But see? Nothing to see here. Maybe I'll finish that second sock soon.

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