Sunday, July 22, 2007

Wow, most of a month gone by..

And I've done nothing.

Well, not nothing nothing, but not much of note. Mostly I've been trying to keep cool, playing with the new computer, reading (currently - you guessed it - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows), working, and getting stuff together for driving lessons (next month!).

So not much knitting has been happening. A row here and there, and that's about it. I really should work on it if I want the scarf done before summer ends and to do my sweater before it gets cool again (though it doesn't feel like it will at all right now, just like in winter it seems like the cold will never end and summer will never return).

Ah well.

I'm going to go curl up in front of my fan for another chapter of Harry Potter and then try to get some sleep. But just for fun, here's this!

You Are Psyche!

Eternally in search of purpose and insight.
You're curious and creative with a total sense of wonder.
Totally empathetic, you pick up on other's moods easily.
Just be sure to pamper yourself as well!

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