Friday, September 07, 2007

A cool September day

On this day, my mind turns to warm knits. It's definitely September, cold, chilly and grey. I even heard the dreaded word on the news last night!


Not for us, but for the west of us, in the mountains.

I've got lots of things on my needles though, so I'm actually making progress on the second sock out of Jitterbug that I started ages ago (linoleum floors, they're quite chilly and I'm wearing my slippers but they are kinda heavy for the weather yet so I look at the one and a half socks and think.. 'Those would be perfect to wear..' so I'm working on finishing the foot). But I'm also pondering what to do for winter knits.

Velociraptor will be getting a pair of mouse mittens for winter, and I'm thinking Mom needs an Irish hiking scarf and a nice hat made out of Misti Alpaca (in the light blue to match her jacket). Those will knit up fast. Maybe one for Dad for Christmas too.

I'm also slowly making progress on the cardigan, thanks for the tip of colouring in the squares Gina that did help and it at least looks right now, though it is slow going. Once I hit my stride it'll move faster though.

I'm also pondering a Here and There Cables scarf from Scarf Style, which my friend showed to me when she was here on Wednesday. So I'll have to find something to make that out of. But that isn't an immediate concern, I have a scarf already so it can wait.

I'm also eyeing some finger puppet patterns as presents for Christmas. With all the toy recalls I'm leery of what I will buy for Velociraptor, he might like finger puppets and they can easily travel with me on the bus. (They're crochet too, so I'll get to learn to read crochet patterns since I only ever did what Grandma told me or made up as I went along!)

Lots to do, lots to plan and hope I have time for. But for now while my boy has his nap I'm knitting socks and watching a romantic movie. It's been a nice week off for me, but soon it'll be back to the usual grind.

ETA: and I just discovered (remembered?) I had 5 balls of Patons Shetland Chunky in a very nice blue-grey colourway. Enough for 2 Irish Hiking scarves, or one and other stuff. Since I don't have enough of the Misti maybe I'll make one for Mom out of this, it's still blue just a darker blue than the other..

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