Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lots to do!

So many things going on, and I'm already looking ahead.

As the forecast calls for snow I've decided I really must finish my plain socks so I can start my son's mittens (no more putting off, I could probably finish them tonight while I was Merlin which I borrowed from the library), I've joined a holiday KAL/CAL (which took me too long to realize the KAL/CAL meant Knit/Crochet ALong) to get started early this year (I have a bunch on my plate, though most is relatively small), I want to try and finish my sweater, which the pace I'm going I'm not (I have about 3 inches on the front left panel and two months to do the rest of it and the second, which is all the front, sleeves and hood) and..

I'm tempted to join the Halloween mystery shawl. Even though I might not ever wear a shawl. But a Halloween shawl! Actually might be good to wear around the house and when handing out candy.. no. I shall refrain. Maybe when I have less to do I'll try one of the mystery shawl things going around. They won't just all disappear that quickly I think anyway.

ETA: Looking at the cost of the reccomended yarn has put an end to that idea. Yeouch.

ETA2: Okay, found one a little more palatable for cost. But still.. no.. not enough time, too much to knit and other things to do.

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