Sunday, January 13, 2008

Last night was a bust..

between the Roughnecks losing to the Stealth 13-12 and finding no less than 3 errors in my mystic waters shawl, I've ripped it out and started again but I was finding the rhythm of it, so I think it will go smoother now.

Stupid refs. We had one goal where they said we were in the crease but the replay showed he wasn't, at all (unfortunately refs don't consult the replay when deciding calls). And then the final goal happened just as the buzzer for the end of the fourth period went, or milleseconds before. You could hear the crowd jump up and start screaming for joy when the ref made the sign that it didn't count and shoved us into overtime where the stealth broke the 12-12 tie and won. Blah. (Lacrosse btw, for those who have no clue what I'm talking about lol).

I'm also tempted to try the Secret of the Stole II and I signed up for year of lace with what remained of my birthday money. This is certainly a year of lace for me, and it's barely started!

Socks are going slowly, but steadily since I carry them with me to work and am taking a new route that I for certain get a seat on. Only one transfer now, instead of two. I was forced to by the buses, because they changed the schedule which made my usual bus more likely to be packed and zip right by me (very annoying, and makes me late) but it's working for the best. Even if I have to be up earlier than before, which is pretty darn early for a night owl.

I might even get more knitting done at home now, the movie store up the road is going out of business (lease was up, the building was sold and going to be turned into parking for new condos) so I picked up a number of movies on the cheap.

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Aunty Tink said...

When you get back to row 351 on your mystic waters shawl, you need to know that the row has been printed on both clue H and clue I. The row on Clue I is the correct one. The error might have been corrected by the time you printed your pattern but I wasn't too happy when I had to correct the row. I refused to rip it out. There were too many stitches involved.