Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Yeah, we all know it's cold out. Which is why I stayed in and didn't go to knitting tonight. I also got a ride home and decided not to turn it down.

Been knitting on my socks more, cuz my knit socks keep my toes warmer in this but I only have one pair done so far. I'm slow, and I'm lazy. :p

I have yet to start spinning and already I drool over this spindle. And the spinning wheels! So pretty.. but, let me learn to spin first and see how I do.

I had intended to rearrange my knitting storage section of my room, but I found I am missing the pegs to put up the gorm shelves in my room. Just the pegs to hold the shelf up, and I can't get to Ikea to see if I can get some from them.. so now I don't know what to do. Hit up the Home Depot I suppose, see if there is something I can rig up so I have selves for my baskets of yarn, my magazine rack, and my cases of needles and assorted..things.. this would also solve the problem of some items on my bedroom floor. I can get them off the floor, and onto the lower shelves.

Ah well, methinks I shall curl up under my down quilt with a mug of tea and my sock and put Batman Begins on my computer. That's a cozy way to spend the night in.

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