Monday, November 03, 2008

Retreat planning..

I just spent several hours going through my stash and figuring out which yarns to take.

A ball of Rowan Aran, some Lorna's Laces worsted leftover from my beret (for swatches for some class), some sock yarn (Arucania and Dream In Color) since a couple of the shawl classes ask for fingering weight.. That should be good for the classes. Or should I bring more than a couple balls of worsted? Like say.. a couple or three for the all day class (at least) and a couple for the class I hope to get into on Saturday. They don't specify how much (the lace classes say 50 g and 600-800 yd in the list of what to bring). Maybe I should overpack. Just in case. I'm already overpacking my notions. I think all my straights and DPNs have made their way into the pile of what to bring, plus my whole Knit Picks interchangable circulars and my stitch markers (and I have an urge to go buy more el cheapo Wal-mart ones just to be sure)..

Then what to bring with to work on!?

I've settled on my shawl and a scarf, bringing the stuff for the pair of convertible gloves I plan to make Dad for Christmas (may as well get started and they would mostly be mindless knitting.. prefect for breaks or while drinking..) and I pondered bringing sock yarn to.. well, make socks. I have a couple pairs started so I'll bring one of them.. but I ordered the sock yarn specially dyed for the retreat and I betcha anything I'll be tempted to start that, so I guess I'll leave the socks I already have going at home. Four projects is enough right?

I'm also thinking of bringing my spindle. I tried to spin the last couple of days and I am woefully bad, as I never practiced after my classes ended. It's been awhile since I tried to spin.

Plus I'll need my swimsuit and my yoga stuff, and of course my clothes (layers, and probably winter boots because it's supposed to start SNOWING tomorrow night) and toiletries, mittens and hat, knit socks, pjs, my clock, my laptop (guess I don't really need that, depending how full the bag looks that might just stay home), my camera and lots of batteries (I have a two gig card in it.. that should be plenty, I didn't even use all of that for a week in Florida so I should have plenty of space on the empty one).

Oh, and a bottle of wine and the opener. Should I maybe bring two? Naw.. unless I share that should be good.. plus it's not like there won't be a cash bar in the evening for the spin in/pj party.

Ooooo so excited!

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