Monday, November 10, 2008


What is there to say? So much happened, it was wonderful. The classes were awesome. I took Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Knitting with Speed and Efficiency.. (did you know she can knit at 88 stitches per minute? And the fastest knitter in the world at 112? I'm so inadequate at about 20 odd stitches per minutes..) as well as Stefanie Japel's Fitting Your Knits (lots of handy tips, plus I have all my measurements.. apparently when measured accurately I'm an hourglass.. and she has the cutest baby!) and a class on designing shawls with Amy Singer. I would have loved to have taken a class with Cookie or Nancy, but with only 3 classes and five teachers it's hard to pick!

There was lots of wine and food, and loads of wonderful people. It was great meeting new people, and hanging with old friends.

I was amused by how many comments I overheard from people. "This must be a yarn convention.." in reference to our table of yarn and books to buy. "What are all these people doing here? Why are they all knitting?" as we waited for the bus to pick us up to head home.

I learned lots, and had lots of fun. I even got about four inches done on my Green Gables top! I think I should knit on it some more and then try it on to see if I need to add more before putting the stitches on scrap yarn for the sleeves. I think I might do that soon.

I have a few pictures, not many though. I guess I felt a bit shy.. what with all the big names around!

I loved this. My present to myself.

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