Sunday, January 11, 2009

New year..

Wow, it's been awhile since I posted. Soo much happening, between work and then the holidays and now it's the new year and my friend just got married! Yesterday in fact, I even caught the bouquet. (Hmm.. now I need to find a boyfriend..)

Not much knitting time though I've managed to complete a few more rows on Phoenix Rising. Slow and steady.. more slow than steady right now though, I come and go with my projects.

But I have a request. I don't usually do requests, but this is for a good cause. My (just married) friend's shitzu/bichon mix was having issues with his paws this winter. It was so cold that his poor paws were cracking, and he'd go out in the snow and get ice stuck in his paws.. so I've been asked if I can make him some booties.

I told them I'd see what I could do. I figure they wouldn't be too hard, I could find a pattern somewhere on Ravelry and bang them out and bob's your uncle.

Well Ravelry isn't spitting something out, I found a pattern for Doggy Mukluks but there's no pictures (except for one heavily modified) and I can find oodles of sewing patterns around but I think knit ones might be better.

So I'm thinking of doing basic baby booties/socks with an i-cord you can snug them up with. Next issue would be what to knit them out of. Something washable, easy to care for and able to stand up to a dog running around with them, maybe even chewing on them. Superwash of some kind or acrylic probably.

I'll come up with something.


knittinggrammy said...

How about felted booties - they would keep out the cold and moisture a little better?

granolagirl said...

I have booties made out of felt for my dog (not handmade unfortunately) but you may want to think about gluing or stitching on another layer of felt on the pads of the feet for durability, and the ones I have use elastic with velcro ends to do up. From experience these booties need to be really cinched up to stay on - dogs are masters at getting rid of these things.