Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Claire Needs..

I stole this from Dana, google your first name with needs after and make note of the top ten things you need.

I need:

1. a Visit to the Bunny Planet
2. private support
3. Drake
4. shows on MySpace Music
5. help
6. an intern
7. a lake
8. booze to kiss
9. a boyfriend
10. our prayers

We already knew about number nine, I wonder where the bunny planet is and why I would need to go there and most of all why I would need booze to kiss. Really, who wants to kiss booze?

I actual knitting content, Mr Greenjeans is coming along nicely. I think I may need more yarn, but I'm not sure. I'm using a thicker yarn, so I may not.. then again since I will need to add to the sleeves I probably will. So I have to hunt some down.

Oh, and we have windows again. The house is still not put back together, but it is MUCH cozier inside. I no longer have to wear knitted socks AND slippers. The floor is only slightly cool now (pleasantly cool), instead of a glacier.

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