Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Why am I packing?

We finally got notice that they were going to replace our windows this week, weather permitting.

Looking at the weather forecast, I don't know if they'll get to it this week (downturn, supposed to snow again and it's durned cold so if they plan to do it when it's like this they better do it fast so we don't freeze).

But we have to pack up and shift everything beneath the windows, move stuff off the walls etc.

So now all the yarn that was in my plastic drawer thingy (which I was thinking of getting rid of anyway as it doesn't work as well as I'd like) and on my bookshelf in baskets (what, you don't decorate in yarn?) is stashed in two large tubs. Not counting active projects and another, smaller, tub for needles and notions.

That is just tonight's work, I still have to box up books and shift breakables down or away, probably pull out one whole bookshelf from my bedroom.. it'll be worth it though, when I can finally put my bed beneath my window and I won't freeze because the cold seeps through. It'll be REALLY nice in summer, when I can leave the window open and not have bugs sneaking through the gaps in the screen (I stapled tulle to the frame to act as a proper screen. You read that right, the windows must be from at least the early 80's because wood was common in windows then, I doubt I'd be able to do that with new windows).

I'd had wanted to go to knit night, but that obviously fell through due to packing.

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