Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hmm what to update?

So much happening all the time, busy with new friends and old and keeping things sane around the house, but I do manage to squeeze in some knitting now and again!

What's on the needles?

Fiddlehead Mittens

Fiddlehead Mittens, I've finished the outside shell of one, and started the second but not gotten too far as I realized I wanted to finish..

Mystic Waters

Mystic Waters before I go on vacation, so I can WEAR it. Velociraptor is in swimming lessons now, so that is a whole block of uninterrupted knitting time while he is in the pool I can sit with my knitting and a coffee. The only problem is, with the charts for the above I prefer it as a home project so I bring along with me something a little more portable..

Sunday Socks

Sunday Swing Socks! Because I have yet to finish a pair since my Saturday Socks (anyone else wondering if there are other days of the week socks? I looked in Ravelry and couldn't find any so I will either need to choose ones and make them for each day of the week or make my own patterns.. hmm..)

And of course because I don't have enough crafts, I was shared a link to this lovely quilt and this quilt along. I have plenty of fabric (mostly cottons) in my bins in my not-yet-set-up sewing room (other bins from my yarn, of course) and I am thinking I need to shuffle my room around, get that darn sewing machine set up and try out some quilting. Just for fun!

I will at some point, not quite this instant though.

And of course today it feels like spring, which has got me thinking of my future garden (the first I'll have that's not just a couple feet of dirt by the front step, good enough only for some pansies and marigolds).

Not enough time for everything!

Oh, and I am debating whether or not to frog Phoenix Rising and start again. There is a MASSIVE MASSIVE mistake in the middle, one even a non-knitter could easily pick out which will only be worse when blocked. So I am seriously considering despite being almost done.

Le sigh.

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