Friday, August 20, 2010

I guess I need to prove that I really do knit, and get FO's!

This summer has been a long one with some knitting happening, but not a lot (the story of my life) and of course there are other things I want to do. Like this Quilt-a-long is done, but the instructions are there! I have plenty of fabric and my sewing machine gathering dust in a corner of my craft room.

I also have finally located the instructions for this lovely cross-stitch which I have moved around and misplaced for years (I used to be a fairly avid cross-stitcher, and I still enjoy it but I found knitting more versatile for usable FOs. I have a couple of kits in a box I mean to do.) I also havea gift card for Michael's, which means I can spend it on cross-stitch stuff and then use whatever is left for any knitting supplies I need but don't yet have..

This summer we went off to NS for a week for a family reunion. It was wonderful to see everyone who could make it from Mom's immediate family (all 32 of us, Mom's from a big family!) as well as spend some time at the beach and doing just a little sight seeing.

Did I finish the Mystic Waters? Well, I realized I wasn't going to do the full size version, but I did finish the smaller version (leaving with with enough yarn for another shawl also of course!)

I didn't take any pictures of it out East, but I got some while wandering at home.
Spread out

I also picked up some souvenirs while wandering in NS. A new skein of Fleece Artist, some Zauberball and a darning egg (which I need because my favourite socks I knit are already getting holey.. I know there are other options but how could I pass up a handmade darning egg as a souvenir? Useful and memorable!)

Nova Scotia Souvenirs

Note: I didn't realize they were similar colours until I got back home.. I bought the Zauberball on my first day there at The Loop Cafe and the Fleece Artist the last day back just before our flight at LK Yarns, both in Halifax.

Now that I've proved I CAN finish items.. I need to get cracking!

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