Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing day sales, knitting & you..

So I DID get to Make One for the boxing day sale, and I went crazy.

As did several other people! I've never seen the place that busy, but everyone was polite as we scootched our way between the furniture and people eyeing skeins as we all stuffed our bags that had been handed out to us as we stood in line. (Who'd have thunk? A line up outside a yarn store on boxing day!)

I spent over three hundred dollars, but from what I've figured I saved well over a hundred from if I'd gone shopping on a non-sale day and I got all that I wanted needed plus a little extra.

What did I get?

I got enough yarn to make myself A Cardigan for Arwen from Interweave Winter 2006, plus needles since I have been buying as a project needs (unless I already have them of course). I also bought a pattern to make a hooded sweater for my son, along with the appropriate yarn and needles and more row counters since the ones I have are already on projects. The only thing I need are buttons for that.

I have also promised myself two things.

1. No more yarn shopping until I finish the majority of the projects I have everything for (which, all together includes seasilk scarf, Harry Potter scarf, mouse mittens, 3 hats, fingerless gloves and now two sweaters, one adult and one child). That is more than enough to keep me busy for the next long while, I don't need to buy any more. Oh, and two of those hats need to be done in the next four days. The fingerless gloves have just a few more rows and a thumb and finishing.

2. No casting on for Arwen until I've finished the hats.

Guess I'd better get knitting hmm? Because my hands are VERY itchy to start Arwen.

ETA: I guess I should add my socks in that list too shouldn't I? Oy, too much!


Haphazardkat said...

Pretty blog :)

Gina said...

Happy New Year Arsie,
I avoided Make 1 on the 26th quite deliberately, but I'll be there on Friday and the sale is on all week. I'm hoping they're so picked over there's nothing left! (Not likely, but that's what I'm telling DH)