Friday, December 08, 2006

Heel, heel, toe, toe

What the heck? Completely lost my post!

Well, as I was saying I am attempting to turn the heel on Conwy.

It's not going so well. You see it looks somewhat like a heel, but at the same time it doesn't.. I don't 
see how it is going to attach itself and go together so I can work on the foot and up to the toe. I shall soldier on though, and hopefully I will see it work (or I will see what I am doing wrong). If I don't though, I shall be attempting the short row heel tutorial that has come to my attention.

If that doesn't work, I shall try other things. Like other books and references, and hopefully finding someone who knits who will show me how to turn a heel. Heck, I'll even take a class! Maybe I should do that, I've been pondering the toe up class..

Ah well, back to knitting!

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