Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Heels turned!

It took two times of ripping it out, and watching the video on Knitting Help several times in a row just to be sure I was seeing it right..

but I finally turned a heel!

Now I'm working on the foot, and that's coming along steadily. I also impressed the guys on the bus with my mad skillz as one guy reminisced about his mother knitting him and his brother sweaters and another expressed awe that I could not only keep straight 5 needles, but that the pattern flowed so easily.

I of course pled modesty and told them about the interesting tidbits that Stephanie, the beloved Yarn Harlot, posted about. Such as how stockings much longer than what I was knitting, with smaller yarn (thread at that point?) and needles.. and managed to do one a day.

But of course it gave me warm fuzzies.

The socks won't be done for Christmas though.

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