Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life goes on.. whether I want it to or not.

Sooo update.

Knitting? Not so much. I keep trying to do a short row heel on the Saturday socks, and it's not working so well. I've ripped back a few times, searched and printed off several tutorials and am working on it again. I swear, if this doesn't seem to be working this time I shall just do as the pattern says. Thing is, I want to try and do a reasonable short row heel, and just see if it would work for my feet (big feet, I think it might end up not working for this pattern.. high arches you see).

I've also decided I need to do my Arwen cardigan before the retreat. And I've stalled as I realized I'm adding length to it because I am TALL. I need to add at least an inch to the sleeve and an inch to the body so it'll fit nice. Been going over my calculations and praying it's right.. and then I never have time to knit because..

I'm taking driving lessons. I don't think knitting and driving work together at the same time. And I've been doing stuff around the home and doing crazy things.

Oh, and I'm going back to school to, so I can just get this diploma done and have that be DONE.

Maybe I'll get more knitting done when driving lessons are done and I can go back to Stitch n Bitch night every so often.. I was getting comfy there.

So much to do! Not enough time!

Maybe I need some lessons in time management?

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Gina said...

Hey Arsie, Don't let it all get you down. There are the same number of hours every day. It's all priorities isn't it? Time for your son, time for lessons, time for school, time to do the laundry etc... Just make sure there's some time for you every day. I'm hoping to make some time for a regular knit night this winter too.