Monday, August 06, 2007

Maybe this is good for something after all..

Yesterday was such a nice day I took my son to the park.. and I twisted my ankle.

So today I've been sitting with ice on it, up on a pillow.. and getting some knitting done. Browsing on Ravelry also gave me a little push to work on my Cardigan For Arwen, so I'm now just over halfway done the back panel. As I was working I also realized.. I'm going to have to adjust. eep!

What? Well I'm going to make it longer, so it actually stops at the small of my back like it's supposed to, not above my kidneys like it almost would be if I followed the pattern exact (I can hear Grandma's voice in my head 'You'll catch a chill and get sick!') I'm going to have to add on to the sleeves too, make them a little longer so it actually covers my wrists.

This is going to be fun, I did measurings and math.. I just hope it works out right. *bites nails*

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