Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

Chinese new year that is. It's time for the year of the Rat. I'm not sure what they are saying it will be like for Dog's (of which I am one) but I hope it's supposed to be good..

In knitting news, I am turning the heel on my second Saturday sock amd I finally finished clue one of Secret of the Stole II. I was working on Mystic Waters but I'll come back to that later since I put it aside. Feels good to be actually moving on things though. I'll get pictures later, I didn't take any yet and it's getting to be bedtime so I shouldn't be scrambling to take pictures. :p

I spotted this over at Lime and Violet blog (like everyone else I suppose) but I am thinking of making them. I just need to pop over to the dollar store and then the craft section of wally-world for some appropriate elastic. They'd come in handy since I knit socks on the bus.

But I am off to sleep..

Hope everyone has a good new year!

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