Saturday, March 15, 2008

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Yes, today is officially St Patrick’s day (the church will rearrange it if its usual date falls during Holy Week as it does this year).

I have been buuusy, but not much knitting happening. What has been happening?

Well, practicing driving for one (a couple more months and I can take the driver’s test!) as well as various spring cleaning things and organizing (slowly). I still can’t get things for my shelves to hold them up, because the guy at the hardware store lied to my Mom about them having them and ordering them in. So I may just go buy a new shelf for my yarn and stuff because it is all over the place right now (I had taken out my old system in anticipation of being able to easily and quickly put up shelves.. so now yarn is scattered in bins around my room, along with the books and such.. this was weeks ago) and keep trying to find what I need to set up my old shelves and use them in the basement for organizing there. The old shelves are the sort meant for use in a garage or basement anyway.

Ah well, it’s a Saturday and I’ll figure this stuff out.

Actual knitting content, the finished socks for my best friend:

Blog 004

Which have already been appropriated by her mother, so I’ll have to make another pair in a bit. 

The Wasonga sock yarn project:

Blog 005

Garter Toes, which is knitting up nicely. It looks skinny, but be assured that it stretches, and since my feet are size 10W that’s very good. Knitting toe up like this is easier than I thought too, I was able to start with magic loop instead of doing what I had done with the previous pair top down (start on DPNs and switch to magic loop). You probably can do it top down without doing what I did, but it seems haaaaaard. ;)

I’ve also started the knit Easter eggs, or one of them.. I hope to get two done (maybe) before next Sunday, because I wanted to put them in Velociraptor’s basket. It sorta snuck up on me it seems.
And just for kicks, a meme grabbed from someone on my blog list (I forget who now)

Things I love more than a throat punch today.
Coffee and porridge for breakfast (good porridge, the kind that sticks to your innards, made with steel cut oats)
New books at the library
Hugs from my son
Stuff to keep me busy
A mostly sunny day

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