Saturday, March 01, 2008

How I'm spending my Saturday..

Well, since I had to be up and out to do stuff this morning, when I came home after lunch I immediately changed into my lounging clothes and go to work on these socks.

Blog 001

I'm probably meeting a friend for lunch tomorrow, and these are her (late) birthday present. At least I'm on the toes so I just need to finish the decreases and kitchener it together.

While I'm working on those I am watching a movie, see?

Blog 003

One of my favourites (bonus because it is based on Taming of the Shrew.. also a favourite of mine!) but this watching is bittersweet. It's the first time I've watched anything with Heath Ledger in it since he died, so seeing him running around as Patrick in the stands of the high school and sing to Kat on the soccer field.. so lively and bright. It's just sad is all.

Maybe I should have picked a different movie. Since it's over I think I will put in something else. Much Ado About Nothing or As You Like It perhaps. I'm on a bit of a Shakespreare kick today, and have just reminded myself I wanted to rent She's The Man.

Wait.. I have Shakespeare in Love somewhere around here..

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Gina said...

Hey! De-lurking briefly just to let you know I'm still here, still reading, and still interested. Love the socks. It's such a beautiful colourway. I don't have any Curious Creek in the sock stash - do you love it?