Monday, March 24, 2008

Where has March gone?

It's nearly over that's for sure. Plus Easter just leapt out at us from nowhere, and I went to visit family on spur of the moment (Dad called the week before said you wanna come visit? I said sure, so we hopped on a bus after work on Thursday and got a ride back Sunday, I didn't get home to my own bed until late).

It was a good weekend, lots of fun and crazy busy seeing most of that side of the family, plus making a crazy decision (well, my Dad's idea it was) that we go to West Edmonton Mall.

On a Saturday.

During a long weekend.

Anyone who has been there knows how crazy this is. It was packed and we didn't do much of anything except have lunch, wade through the crowds, and stand in line (for bumper boats, which are new since I last went there.. same with seeing the seal, they had dolphins still the last time I went.. shows how often I go there).

Not much knitting content at the moment, because I haven't done much but I got my Year of Lace kit! I went and picked it up today and it looks sooo pretty, but no spoilers cuz some people don't have theirs yet and anyway I wanted to try and finish another project before I start this one. Just trying to keep things even and not too much to overwhelm me, plus I just want some nice stuff for spring.

The garter toes are coming along okay but I may have to rip out the heel as I tried them on and realized it wasn't deep enough. Should've followed the pattern but I was sorta winging it after reading through the pattern once (I do that sometimes with simpler stuff.. gets me in trouble or turns out awesome).

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

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