Saturday, April 19, 2008

I'm dreaming of a white spring..

Not really.

It sucks, things were starting to warm up, I was seeing spot of green.. heck I even had a couple weeds in my front yard and now?

For anyone reading who does not live in this area (probably very few of you I think) this is the forecast:


This of course makes it a good weekend to stay cozy inside and knit, which I don't mind too much because I have been horribly sick with a nasty head cold this past week and I planned to stick in anyway to be sure I am rid of it.

I may even have to knit myself mittens because I seem to have lost all my gloves since the last time we had snow. It's horrible, but at least they were cheap ones I bought. Maybe I should make mittens with a string for myself..

What's on the needles.. well Montego Bay is coming along. I work at it in odd times and it'll be done soonish (I think). The socks have all gone by the wayside, as has Mystic Waters, because I got stuck on the first Year of Lace kit. It's a lovely kit and I am finding it isn't a bad bus knitting project because it is repetitious enough that I can do most of the row by rote. It's turning out lovely so far, and I've completed one body rep and started on the second.

Blog 003

I also picked up some wonderful cotton/bamboo yarn at Make1. It just struck me and I drove Amy and Sandra crazy for a little bit before I finally took off with it and the Green Gables pattern (a little after the store closed.. sorry ladies, I try not to do that!)

So I knit a swatch and it came out close so I figured I'd try it and see how it works though this yarn is a lighter weight than what the pattern calls for. This is what I've done so far:

Blog 004

I love how it is knitting up, I love the feel of it and I think the pattern will be perfect to wear around the office at my new position. But I think it is a bit too small. The gauge is definitely off from my swatch, and yet when I hold up what I've done so far it looks like it will fit. So I am thinking of putting it on string and pulling over my head to see if what little I have will work as a start and adjust as I go, or will I have to frog it and cast on more. I already did the math, I should measure myself again though just to be sure, try on what I have and we'll see. I'll probably have to get Amy and Sandra to order in more of the colour I bought, I bought an extra of a slightly darker shade because my math came out to 11 balls that the pattern called for but since I am tall and this knits on a smaller gauge I'll probably need extra.

Thank goodness this is a top down right? I've never done top down before but then I've yet to complete a top of any kind for myself.

I'm planning to do a quickie project this weekend also. My MP3 player needs a cozy, before it gets too battered in my purse (it's not an ipod, I've had MP3 players for about 5 years now but I don't want an Apple one).

I'm also going to the retreat, because I really really want to. It'll be fun and yay the Yarn Harlot is coming! Besides I need a small vacation of my own. Otherwise, I wouldn't get one.

I'd better go pop in Pride and Prejudice (watching for the first time) and grab the yarn and needles for the cozy I want to make!

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