Thursday, May 08, 2008


I had thought spring had arrived.

I bought pansies and marigolds, I overseeded my lawn, I even washed the side of my house down (amazing how siding gets really dirty and all it does is stay there vertically in the weather.. you'd think it would be a little less dirty..).

That was Sunday, today is this..


Which despite having lots of things on the needles makes me want to grab a ball of my Rowan Cashsoft and make it into a pair of fingerless gloves (maybe another pair of Fetching, it's simple and cute as well as cozy). Do you think I can knit up a pair quick enough to be ready for tomorrow?

We can see..

In yarn news, I have been drooling over the look of this stuff ever since I saw someone showing it to someone else at stitch n bitch one night. I should wander over to the store that carries it here and check it out, I've never been there anyway though I know where it is. Maybe once the weather warms up again I will simply because it's a little hike from the nearest train station.

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