Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fall is definately here.

The fall issue of Knitty is out (and I am tempted by Viveka and Lucie) and the weather has turned for the worse with lots of cold rain and wind and gloom as the leaves fall off the trees.

I also have a cold.

As the weather turned I finally finished my fingerless gloves (no pics yet, sorry) as I decided I needed something for my hands in the office. I'm also doing my usual pondering of maybe, just maybe, digging out the sewing machine and making a costume for my son. I just don't know what of.

I'm also pondering some fingerless gloves as presents for a couple of people, as well as a pair of mouse mittens for my son.

Yup, it's fall.

Now I just need to figure out how the hell to get to Make1Yarns.

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Gina said...

Go here:

You can enter your start and end points, and the time of day you want to arrive or leave. You get a choice of routes to suit your needs.

You live in the south, like me, so I'm guessing a train ride, followed by a walk or a short bus ride will get you there. Maybe easier than it looks.