Saturday, September 23, 2006

The first day of fall.

So I did make it down to Make 1, and I bought some stuff for my slowly growing stash.

Not that I want it to grow too big, instead I try to only go when I have definite plans in mind. This way, I get stuff that I know I will use (at some point) and don't have too much excess floating around.

Ended up spending $80, so I am glad for the sale! I should've grabbed one of those little bags they had to hang off your purse or beltloop and stash your yarn in. Would've been perfect to tuck into my backpack for work. Ah well. Maybe I can do something with my sewing stash. (Another reason to go with definite ideas in mind, no multiple stashes.. I have one for sewing, one for knitting/crochet and one for cross-stitch. Only knitting gets pulled out regularly because I know what I want to do with it. Well, so do I with the others so I suppose that's not an excuse.)

So now I have one ball of Trekking XXL in deep berry (I want to try making socks, and if they turn out well I can make a pair for my sock fanatic pal), 3 balls of Cashsoft DK in sweet, black and kingfisher and Rowan kid classic in glacier. I also bought 3 new sets of bamboo DPNs in sizes I don't already have.

So all in all it was a gorgeous first day of fall, spent checking out some nifty little stores and creating a small stash for myself.

Just lovely.

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Gina said...

Wouldn't you know it - last weekend was the first in like a month that I didn't spend half of Saturday at Make 1! Knew you'd like it once you got there. And you're right about the CTS site, it can be hit and miss.