Saturday, October 21, 2006


So what am I doing?

Sitting around doing nothing. Well, I did cast on the socks again as I stopped in at Make1 last night after work. I have more needles, yarn and a new knitting bag (which I didn't have one before so I decided to splurge since it'll be forever before I.. y'know.. make one for myself).

I really should get moving and iron out the material, pin and cut so I have all the pieces of the costume ready to sew over the following week.

Especially while the recipient is having sweet dreams.

Plans for tonight?

I'm thinking of taking my knitting and going to the book party of Not Your Mama's Crochet. Or maybe I'll pack my crochet to take along. Naw, that project is a little big to be carrying.

I'm thinking I should pick up a few knitting and crochet books since I've been constantly borrowing them from the library..

Well, enough of that for now. I'm going to get my cup of coffee, which I have yet to have today, and get to work on this costume.

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