Saturday, June 23, 2007

Mmm yarn

That was great. I made it to the store (and I was first in line, don't listen to the people who showed up and then left again for breakfast ;) ). Chatted with some wonderful people and bought up some really cute yarn.

I even managed to stay ON BUDGET and not go totally crazy. I think the reason I was able to, was because I knew that I have enough for 2 sweaters at home and that is enough. For now. Until they are knitted up.

I did do a silly thing though. I bought a spindle, and some roving.. and I don't know how to spin. And watching the video I found on YouTube and reading the instructions and I'm all nervous. So I may just have to go take that spinning class. :p

But I got some more cute sock yarn, and some worsted weight. Enough for two of those Squatty Sidekick bags on Knitting Daily, in different colours. I think one for me and one for my cousin (for Christmas.. planning ahead, see?).

I also took a bit of a walk around Bridgeland, and since it's so nice I think that when Velociraptor wakes up we may just have to go check out all the noise at the Greek festival. I have a hankering for some spanakopita and ouzo.

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