Sunday, June 03, 2007

25 dollars and a short time later..

and the corner where I tossed my bags of yarn/knitting supplies/books/projects on the go is now ten times more organized.

I just picked up a 3 drawer cart at Walmart, sorted my knitting out into it and voila! It looks SO much better than the brown paper bags of yarn and odds and ends and stacks of books I had sitting there.

I also worked on Velociraptor's sweater last night, so I'd better do some work on it tonight and then it ought to be done. My sewing might need some work though, it's really different to sew knitted pieces together than it is to sew cloth. Have to concentrate more to make it look nice and even. But I only have to sew the side together and the hood together and on and then.. done!

That's about all the knitting content I got right now lol.

In other randomness, this video is quite beautiful.

And now I must be off to mow my weeds and make supper.

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