Sunday, November 11, 2007

Remembrance Day

On this remembrance day, I find myself thinking not of the homework I need to do but of other things. More important things.

I think of my cousin, the one who is currently serving in Bosnia with the Army. My other cousin, his younger brother, who will will probably go into the military also and be deployed who knows where.

I think of my father and uncle, who served in the navy and army also when they were younger.

I think of my Grandfather who join the air force but WWII ended before he could be shipped out.

I think of my Great-grandma who was just a girl when her and her family emmigrated from Germany, either just before or just after the start of WWI.

I think of the men and women who died then, and who are out there now.

And I pray for them and the people who are torn by war.

I won't forget.


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