Thursday, November 15, 2007

Weekend Retreat Prep

So I sit amid the wreckage of my plotting what to pack and I am going crazy.

I'm not worried about the clothing, or the packing itself. I was a Girl Guide, I can PACK. That's fine. I even have snacks.

It's the 'what and how much knitting do I bring?' that I'm snagging on. It's only three days, lots of knitting time to be had but not my first inclination to pack one of each project and sort it out when I get there.

I know I want to bring my lace, for while I'm out there. Maybe I can finish up a clue or two of Mystic Waters. We'll be doing a scarf as our project out there, so no scarf brought. I must bring socks. Debating bringing a new skein and working on the Synesthesia Socks or just motoring on with the basic socks I have on the needles as my bus project. Do I want to bring the sweater I've got going? Naw.. I'm stalled there, totally. Even vaguely pondering frogging, being so ambivalent towards it means it would be bad for a trip. I should also bring at least one Christmas project. I have the hat nearly done, so that can stay at home. It'll hold until I get home unless I finish it tonight after I pack. Probably bring the first tea kozy or perhaps the convertible gloves? Those are smallish. I could even bring enough for two tea kozies, a couple extra skeins won't be too much.


I think that might be it. The kozy, socks, the shawl. That should be plenty, with enough variety to keep a flibbertigibbet like me from growing bored with what I have to work on. Make sure to tuck them into different bags, plus the scissors, the measuring tape, the needles. *ponders* I'll have to wind a skein at the store. Tuck all my patterns I need into those see through coloured report covers I discovered at the dollar store.

Oh! And can't forget my book.

And yes, I'm evil. I haven't been putting all my stash up on Ravelry. I have a bunch of Noro I ordered online, and some lace weight I'm working on mystic waters with, and some new sock yarn I JUST bought, and I have more lace weight on the way because I couldn't pass up some of the knitpicks sale/clearance stuff. And a bunch of stuff for mittens. Lots. Lots and lots.

Well better go finish sorting things out and then packing them away.

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Gina said...

I hope that you have an absolutely wonderful time at the retreat.